Dominique Hurth

Im Westen nichts neues. Installation. 2005.

Through the collection of found objects, photographs, postcards, artifacts I am questioning the organization of the souvenir. The notions of translation, shifting territories, cultural identities, memory and collective souvenir, are here analyze.

The artist becomes then an archivist and a collector, creating a gallery of excavated tracks of historical events.

The installation Im Westen nichts neues questions the oblivion and the mourning of the forgotten Germany, Nazism, Occupied territories) Alsace, Lorraine, Poland, Ukraine, Russia...) and more recently GDR, Forgotten by History, it is from the past that the present is built.

The Angel of History is turning back to the ruins, and excavates the souvenir and tracks, in order to move towards the future and the present (cf. Walter Benjamin), then the collector enters on stage.

Either from anonymous, or from family, the collection present a peculiar atmosphere of nostalgia focused on the aesthetic of the archives

Oblivion and mourning in the collector's gallery.
Found negatives tracing the corssed route of the two albums.